Sales Plan

Sales Plan Outline

Bitcoin Mining

Changed lives, $90,000 a year average salaries including benefits. Full Mining facility in the current building. Limited only by available infrastructure. Safe Harbor – 9,000 miners generates enough EARNINGS to pay back the entire requested Investment in 1 year!

Current Building

Vision for Improved Building

Miner Repair Business

Initial parallel developed Bitcoin Mining capacity required to support Parkersburg Mining Repair business. Proof of Concepts development of Industry 4.0 Miner Refurbishment processes including initial capital equipment purchases and infrastructure.

The Equipment

Automatic Optical Inspection Machine

High-speed INSPECTION ensuring ALL ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS (Visible electrical connections) are intact per the specified location and properly soldered.

This equipment inspects all the Circuit Card Assemblies, the control board, the power supply, and the miner Hashboard to automatically ensure that all components are physically on the assemblies and properly soldered per IPC-610 assembly workmanship standards. This process is a unique-to-Tek X robotic process.


High-Speed production X-Ray Machine

High-Speed INSEPCTION of ALL BOOTOM TERMINATED COMPONENTS (Non-Visible electrical connections) verifying proper solder workmanship High-Speed INSEPCTION of ALL BOOTOM TERMINATED COMPONENTS (Non-Visible electrical connections) verifying proper solder workmanship. This process is used to inspect bottom terminated integrated circuits that cannot be inspected by the AOI equipment due to their solder terminations being concealed under the component. This type of component is precisely the style of component used multiple times on each miner Hashboard; they are called an ASIC. This inspection process will 100% ensure that the most critical component of the miner is soldered within IPC-610 Acceptability Standards. The current manufacturing process utilized by the Chinese does not provide ASIC solder joints meeting this standard and thus the high failure rate when operating the miners under 24/7 conditions.

Flying Probe Inspection Machine

High-Speed ELECTRONIC TESTING of both component level and assembly level functionality.

Tek X will utilize this equipment to replace the industry standard of performing computer-based functional testing to determine the fault of the miner, which is both time consuming and inefficient. It will also eliminate the even more time consuming function of determining the actual component(s) that have caused the defect once the miner defect is known. This “fault determination step” is not only time consuming, it also requires specialized technicians to perform the de-bug steps. In our high-volume repair and refurbishment process, Tek X will instead assume that all components are defective as our starting point, and we use high-speed, high-volume robotic test equipment to validate or disprove our assumptions.

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